Movie Buff Stuff

Movie Buff Stuff

A little bit about Serena

– Although I was only born half Italian, I consider myself at least 3/4
– Favorite movie director: Martin Scorsese
– If I could live my life as any imaginary character, it’d be as Tyler Durden
– I don’t just cry when I watch Titanic, but anytime I hear the opening to Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On
– Ask me what my favorite movie is and I’ll give a different answer every time.
– “Favorite movie’s a triple way tie: Goodfellas, the Departed and the Usual Suspects (All Martin Scorsese)”
– “Favorite movie will forever and always be Pulp Fiction”
– “No movie will touch you, in every way possible, the way Titanic does; obviously my #1 fave”
– “Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock is the best classic and is my favorite.”
– “My favorite movie? The Godfather part I. Why’d you even have to ask?”
– If I could rewrite an ending to any movie, I’d make Eli Wallach (AKA Tuco, AKA the Ugly) kill Clint Eastwood (AKA Blondie, AKA the Good) in the Good the Bad and the Ugly. I think’d it make for a good plot twist.
– Favorite actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (The actor who appears most frequently in Martin Scorsese movies)


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