Southridge Speech Day Competitions

Ever since grade eight, I have participated in the Southridge Speech Day competitions. In my first year, like all other grade eights, I was to perform a persuasive speech. However, starting in 9th grade I was able to perform dramatic interpretations which I discovered a strong passion for. In grade 9 I performed the monologue “A Leap Year Leap” by Walter Ben Hare. For this performance I received 2nd place. The next year I decided to perform a more contemporary piece, “Tuna fish” from the play Laughing Wild written by Christopher Durang. I really loved this character and as a result of working with her for numerous performances, I know that she’ll always resonate with me. With this monologue I placed 1st in the grade 10 Dramatic Interpretation category. The following year I wanted to try a more solemn piece and placed 2nd with my performance of “Cold Blooded Murderer” by Elisa Thompson.



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